Diagnose, Beratung
Therapie, Coaching


Depending on the problem-areas different tests will be made. Voice features vocal performances, fluency, articulation, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension of language, writing and reading skills, swallowing and muscle function. Also the medical findings be involved.


The speech therapy counselling involves education about the cause and impact of their communication disorder. You informed about the content and course of therapy and will provide specific instructions to improve the user’s life.

Hence, the placement of self-help groups or additional treatments may arise. For questions regarding the enrollment, re-entering the profession and the like,  we will also like to create a written opinion speech therapy for you.


The therapy involves the rehabilitation and reintegration into daily life and work, early intervention and counselling. In addition to specific exercises will be talks on the course of therapy and the expected success, offered guidance for independent practice, and if required the involvement of neighbouring relatives and professionals.  The aim is a satisfactory communication skill, e.g. a child’s ability in school to regain or the ability to work by an adult.


For many communication-intensive jobs, there is a need to communicate through speech in full force to use. A friendly and pleasant-sounding voice is a key factor for success and happiness at work and at play.



✔ Correction of a disorder

✔ Facilitate communication

✔ Reduction of distress

✔ Fun and success at work and at leisure